King George Hotel Featured in Hotel News Now

About 1 year(s) ago by Greystone Hotels
King George Hotel Featured in Hotel News Now

Hotel News Now Discusses Loyalty Programs with the King George Hotel

  Hotel News Now recently published an article regarding independent hotels increasing their use of loyalty programs, which traditionally gave branded hotels an advantage over independent ones. 14451_15_b The King George Hotel was interviewed and featured in the article for its use of a third party loyalty program: Stash Hotel Rewards. Candice Cancino, General Manager of the King George, discussed Greystone Hotel's experience with Stash Rewards: €œ's a unique program for us and it is more than building loyalty points...We do cross marketing with our sister hotels in the Stash portfolio. We work with guests and say, €˜If you love the King George, you'll love other Stash hotels in Nashville.'€   Click here to read "Loyalty Programs Connect Guests with Independents" at Hotel News Now. stash-inset-image   Click here to learn more about Stash Hotel Rewards.

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