The King George Hotel Featured on BoardingArea's "Travel With Grant" blog

About 3 month(s) ago by Greystone Hotels
The King George Hotel Featured on BoardingArea's

Grant Thomas, a blogger with BoardingArea, recently reviewed the King George on his blog, "Travel With Grant."  

Here's a snippet of what Grant had to say about the hotel:  

"A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of staying at the King George Hotel in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square.  The hotel is part of the Greystone Hotel Group which has a few boutique hotels along the West Coast.  The hotel has a British theme in a charming location... If you are looking for a boutique hotel near San Francisco’s Union Square, I definitely recommend the King George Hotel. "  

You can read Grant's review here 

We're excited to reveal current renovations at the King George soon!  

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