President of Greystone Hotels, Eric Horodas Featured in Leaders Magazine

About 4 year(s) ago by LD

Eric Horodas Discusses Greystone Hotels with Leaders Magazine


Leaders is a worldwide magazine that deals with the broad range of leadership thoughts and visions of the world's most influential people. In its most recent quarterly edition, Volume 40 Number 1, the hospitality industry is highlighted through a wide-range of interviews featuring various hospitality brands, including our very own Greystone Hotels. The interview with Eric Horodas, President of Greystone Hotels, discusses the vision for Greystone Hotels, how the properties are differentiated, and the importance of giving back, among other things.

"Every hotel needs to offer a comfortable night's sleep and a hot shower, but we knew we had to distinguish ourselves from all the surrounding competition. We settled on the thing that people said they really wanted: excellent personal service...we built our reputation around customer service, getting to know our repeat guests and understanding their needs and desires."


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