"We Blog the World" Reviews Dio Deka at Hotel Los Gatos

About 3 year(s) ago by Greystone Hotels

Dio Deka at Hotel Los Gatos Receives Excellent Review

  Renee Blodgett, founder of We Blog the Worldput restaurant Dio Deka to the test and left very satisfied, and full! Located inside Hotel Los Gatos, Dio Deka's menu places an emphasis on Hellenic cuisine€"a melding of Greek and Mediterranean influences€"with healthy and seasonal fare such as fresh fish, highest-quality meats, and sun-loving fruits and vegetables. Ms. Blodgett describes her excellent dining experience, including the ambiance, service and of course, the food:  


"...As tender if not more so than the Filet Mignon, it melted on our tongues! Combine both with some of their caramelized mushrooms, which they sautéed with Greek herbs and a little sautéed greens, and you'll be in heaven for the remainder of the night."

Click here to read more about Renee's Dio Deka experience, including some mouthwatering photos! Click here to make a reservation at Dio Deka in downtown Los Gatos.
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