SCULPTURE SHOW: Rebecca Johnson - Landmarks - Drawing Light (online)

Arts & TheaterSeptember 18th - November 20; Sept 18 2pm: opening release of short videos We are delighted to present an exclusive online sculpture exhibition featuring recent stone sculptures by California artist Rebecca Johnson with a release of short videos on Sept 18.

In this body of work created during 2020, Rebecca Johnson continues to explore various rural building shapes carved from a hexagonal column of solid basalt, and stacked on sculpted contrasting stones. Johnson is best known for her large wall-based Barns, constructed from recycled barn wood and other materials.

Creating fully 3D stone barns made for the outdoors was a breakthrough for the California artist charmed by the barns she admired in various states of use and neglect. Weather was now invited to interact with the completed sculptures, as it had created the aspects of the stone that inspired her sculpting. By utilizing the various natural surfaces, such as the rich iron oxide patina "skin" of her basalt columns showcased in the roofs and outside walls of the barns, Johnson is able to contrast her sculptural interventions. And there, she also invites light to further enhance these contrasts.

Traces of human interaction are welcome in places: mill saw and drill marks, smooth sanding and heavy texturing. The carved windows and doors invite the viewer into the stone. In these recent works done during the isolation of "sheltering in place", these small carved shelters took on an even more poignant signification. Johnson was compelled to add universally symbolic shapes, such as ladders, chairs and a Caryatid carved around the corner of a limestone base, lending the works a mystical quality.

Six new stone Barn sculptures, in addition to four other stone sculptures are included in this exclusive online exhibition. In spite of the Covid restrictions and the extensive wildfires in Northern California, we were able to install two of these works at our SculptureWALK in
September 18, 2020 Start Time: 02:00 PM
November 20, 2020 End Time: 04:00 PM
San Francisco, California, United States San Francisco, California, United States San Francisco, California United States
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