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  • Green Initiatives taken by Greystone Hotels, California

California Eco-Friendly Hotels

Greystone Hotels is an environmentally-friendly hospitality management company. Our boutique hotels and inns on the West Coast are dedicated to following eco-friendly business practices. The foundation for our "green" approach is a detailed environmental leadership program that has created awareness at the property-level. All of our West Coast hotels follow distinct purchasing habits that take into consideration how hospitality affects the environment. All of our California properties have certified by the California Green Lodging Association for our sustainability efforts, a reflection of our commitment to an earth-friendly policy.

California Green Hotels Recycling Habits

For several years, Greystone Hotels have been making sure that their recycling habits are good ones. Most of our West Coast properties have instituted a recycling program in common areas, such as the lobby, registration area, pool, and bar, for a variety of products. These include aluminum products, glass products, plastic products, mixed paper and newspaper, as well as printer and copier toner cartridges. Guestrooms in many of these properties have recycling bins available. What's more, many of our properties either donate some of its leftover food to charitable organizations or they compost it. They also recycle used CFL light bulbs and amenity containers.

California Earth-Friendly Hotels Energy-Efficient Products & Policies

Many Greystone Hotels are serious about using energy-efficient products, everything from energy- efficient copiers, fax machines, and computers to printers, computer monitors and televisions. Some even use energy-efficient chillers or energy-efficient packaged terminal air conditioners to cool buildings during summer months. Energy-efficient central air, water heaters, pool heating systems, washing machines and dryers, freezers and refrigerators, as well as energy-efficient ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers can also be found in several of our West Coast hotels and inns.

California Green Hotels Landscape & Water Saving Policies

An abundance of Greystone hotels and inns on the West Coast has natural landscapes with trees and other plants that tolerate climate, soil, and water availability. This includes both indoor and outdoor potted plants. Several hotels and inns specify that sidewalks, drives, and parking lots are swept/blown rather than watered or watered with grey water. In addition, most of the properties require that clothes washers, dryers, and dishwashers to be filled to recommended capacity for each cycle.

California Environmentally-Friendly Hotel Purchasing Preferences

A preponderance of hotels in the Greystone family has environmentally-sound preferences that are incorporated into purchasing documents. Most properties conduct a regular evaluation and modification of the environmental purchasing policy. In addition, many of our hotels and inns purchase printing and writing papers, envelopes, invoices and business forms that use a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer recycled content or tree-fiber.

California Environmentally-Friendly Car Charging Station

Greystone Hotels takes pride in our environmentally friendly efforts, so much in fact that we have become a leading force in green amenities in cities such as Palo Alto and Los Angeles, California. We are happy to announce that our very own Creekside Inn was the first hotel in the Palo Alto area to supply an Electric Vehicle charging station to its guests, as well as the public. With the Creekside in Palo Alto, setting the trend, Greystone Hotels hopes to have an Electric Vehicle charging station at all of our Greystone Properties. The Bristol Hotel and the Hotel Griffon also offer discounted valet parking to hybrid vehicles.

Clean The World and Greystone Hotels

In continuing our green efforts, The Bristol Hotel, the Creekside Inn, the Hotel Griffon, the King George Hotel, the Inn at Union Square, the Fairfield Inn and Suites, and TownePlace Suites, have partnered with Clean the World. Clean the World is a nonprofit organization whose mission is two-part. One, reduce the waste created by discarded soap and shampoo products and two; reduce illnesses that could be prevented with supplies such as soap and shampoo. Clean the World works with hotels like those of Greystone, to collect soaps, shampoos, and other bath amenities that are normally discarded from each hotel. After sorting and processing these soaps and hygiene products, they distribute them to domestic homeless shelters as well as impoverished countries. In just four years, Clean the World has collected, recycled, and distributed more than 12 million soap bars in the United States, Canada, and more than 67 countries.

Green Hotels Global

The Hotel Griffon,Creekside Inn and the Bristol Hotel are now associated with Green Hotels Global a carbon calculator dashboard and sustainability metrics tool. By being listed on the dashboard environmental data is available about each hotel such as: energy use, water use, waste diversion and more so that travel and meeting planners are better able to determine the environmental impact of their client's travel, meetings and events.

Earth Day, "Day of Service" & Nature Conservancy Commitment

Greystone Hotels feels that it is important to give back, especially to those who contribute to environmentally friendly efforts. Every year, Greystone Hotels donates a percentage of their proceeds from Earth Day to one of the leading environmental conservation groups in the nation, the Nature Conservancy.

Earth Day also marks a company wide "Day of Service" for all employees.  Recent community partners the Greystone Team has volunteered with include, Clean Pan Pacific Park (Los Angeles), La Comida de California (Palo Alto), "14th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup" (San Diego), Becky's House Hygene Kit Assembly (San Deigo), "Save Our Shores" Beach Cleanup (Santa Cruz), Adopt-A-Street Program (San Francisco), Glide's "Feed the Hungry" Initiative (San Francisco).