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Greystone Hotels Press Release

Greystone Hotels
May 29

Earth Day Donation to Nature Conservancy

In honor of Earth Day, Greystone Hotels donated a portion of all room and meeting room revenue generated on April 22, from each of our ten properties, to The Nature Conservancy. We are happy to announce that on May 18, we presented a check to The Nature Conservancy to support their ongoing environmental conservation effort.

We at Greystone Hotels are also making strides toward a ‘greener' hospitality industry internally and are continuously working to reduce our carbon footprint with environmentally conscious initiatives such as using green amenities, green cleaning products, recycling and electric car charging stations at the Creekside Inn and the Hotel Wilshire.

Greystone Hotels looks forward to continuing our yearly Earth Day donation to The Nature Conservancy, as well as maintaining our efforts to make the planet a better, ‘greener' place.
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