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Greystone Hotels Press Release

Greystone Hotels
Nov 04

Greystone Hotels and Clean the World

In early 2013, Greystone Hotels partnered with Clean the World, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce the waste created by discarded soap and shampoo products and also reduce illnesses that could be prevented with supplies such as soap and shampoo. Clean the World works with hotels like those of Greystone, to collect soaps, shampoos, and other bath amenities that are normally thrown out by hotels. After sorting and processing these soaps and hygiene products, they distribute them to domestic homeless shelters as well as impoverished countries.

Greystone Hotels is proud to announce that in less than a year, the participating Greystone hotels have contributed 1,830 lbs. of soap to Clean the World. This donation correlates to 9,760 bars of life saving soap that the organization has been able to distribute to children and families in need worldwide! Greystone Hotels has also sent 1,132 lbs. (12,075 bottles) of amenities and combined has diverted 2,962 lbs.(1.5 tons) of waste from hitting landfills!

Greystone Hotels is an environmentally-friendly hospitality management company. Our boutique hotels and inns on the West Coast are dedicated to following eco-friendly business practices. All of our hotels follow distinct purchasing habits that take into consideration how hospitality affects the environment. To learn more about Greystone's Green initiatives, click here.
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