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Greystone Hotels Press Release

Greystone Hotels
Dec 05

Hotel Griffon Green Seal Silver Level Certification

San Francisco, CA

Greystone Hotels is thrilled to announce that the Hotel Griffon has recently been certified by Green Seal, Inc. at the Silver Level. Green Seal, Inc. is an organization that develops sustainability standards and offers certification for companies, products and services that meet the criteria within these standards. The Hotel Griffon is proud to be one of only three San Francisco hotels to have achieved this special "green" certification.

The Hotel Griffon has been awarded this unique certification through constant vigilance in green practices and development of environmental policies in accordance with the Green Seal Standard. Some of these policies include waste minimization, reuse, recycling, energy efficiency and conservation, management of fresh water resources, wastewater management as well as many other environmentally-friendly hospitality practices. The Hotel Griffon also abides by an environmentally and socially sensitive purchasing policy in an effort to enhance environmental sustainability. These stringent policies are overseen, managed and augmented by the Hotel Griffon's Green Team who meets on a monthly basis to keep up to date on all green initiatives.

Greystone Hotels is an environmentally-friendly hospitality management company committed to practicing eco-friendly business standards at the property level. This recent award for the Hotel Griffon highlights Greystone Hotels' dedication to sustainability and earth-friendly hospitality practices.
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