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Greystone Hotels Press Release

Greystone Hotels
Mar 15

"Murals of La Jolla" Completes Latest Installation "Suns" Installed via Empress Hotel on Fay Avenue

LA JOLLA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA,March 15, 2016-San Francisco based Greystone Hotels, in partnership with the La Jolla Athenaeum "Murals of La Jolla" project, is pleased to announce the completed installation of "Suns" which lives outside Greystone's Empress Hotel located at 7766 Fay Avenue in La Jolla."Suns" is a first time collaboration between artists Victoria Fu, who primarily works with moving images, and Byron Kim, who is a painter.

For this project, the starting image in the mural was taken from a top floor window of the Empress Hotel. The resulting image went through a process of being printed, and then re-photographed as a printed photograph hung on a wall, staged with lighting in the studio. The glowing orb that appears sun-like is a reflection of a studio lamp on the photo's material surface. Its slanted incandescent light as captured on the studio surface echoes the actual raking light of a La Jolla sunset on the hotel's exterior walls. The result of this process and staging is made legible to the viewer as "a photograph of a photograph," the mural image a displaced reference to the actual view from the site. The artists worked toward a methodology that embraces the mural's medium as digital image printed on vinyl. The mural in-situ is self-reflexive, at times blending in with the actual La Jolla sky behind it, yet remaining a nod to the studio, the printing and photographing process, and the image as object.

"Art and culture are such a key component of what make La Jolla such a special place," said Eric Horodas, President of Greystone Hotels. "We've focused on art, culture and the beach vibes of La Jolla since purchasing the Empress in 2013, and this beautiful piece of art featured on our exterior wall for all to enjoy is the perfect addition to an already thriving community which we are so lucky to be a part of."

Guests of the Empress Hotel are invited to take special docent lead tours on Wednesday afternoons at 5:30PM featuring the 22 murals displayed on public buildings throughout La Jolla. The staff of the Hotel will make a reservation upon the request of any Hotel guest.Murals of La Jolla, a project of the Athenaeumdemonstrates that commissioningartists to create works for public spaces brings energy and vitality to a community.Overall, 22 murals have been commissioned since 2010.For more information, please visit and


An independently owned hotel and hospitality management company with 11 West Coast properties in California and Oregon, Greystone Hotels was founded in 1995 by Eric Horodas (President) and Peter Trethewey.

Dedicated to superior customer service and eco-friendly hospitality management, the Greystone Portfolio consists of 8 independent, non-branded boutique hotels and inns, and 3 flagship affiliated properties (Best Western International and Marriott International).

Greystone's management focuses on providing exceptional guest experiences for discerning business and leisure travelers. All of Greystone's hotels offer great value, thoughtful amenities, and a comfortable, relaxing environment. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our guests, "Experience Exceptional Service."

In 2009, Greystone's seven California independent properties were certified by the California Green Lodging Association for our sustainability efforts, while Greystone's eight non-branded independent boutique hotels are all members of the L.E. Hotels family - a global hotel representation company.


The recently renovated Empress Hotel reflects all that is best in the beautiful seaside enclave of La Jolla. Just steps from the San Diego Area's famous sandy beaches and downtown La Jolla, business and leisure travelers can experience true Southern California comfort at our charming boutique hotel.

Whether you have booked our spa suite for a honeymoon stay or are here for a sightseeing adventure or a business meeting, we know it is important that you feel your best. The Empress Hotel is the perfect place to embark on an unforgettable vacation or business trip.

The Empress Hotel is a certified member of the California Green Lodging Program.

Murals of La Jolla Empress Press Release
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